BellaTW - EVO-IV 4KG Stand Type Roaster


The only appointed roaster for WCE* Taiwan roasting championship in 2013-2015 (*World Coffee Events by SCAA and SCAE).

Roaster Master Favorite. Multiple sets of digital monitor for bean temp, air-flow temp, cooling temp, timer and drum speed.


2015 Latest Features

    1. Specially designed burner and Insulation board to maintain heat inside the chamber of drum, allowing gas saving and more evenly roasting. Moreover, to reach "first crack" phase just need 7 mins.
    2. Very powerful cooling fan offers quick cool down for the beans, drops to 36℃ just under 4 minutes.
    3. The newly design hopper increased the caliber to speed up the green bean to fall in the drum in less than 4 seconds.


    Smart Features: Auto gas ignition makes gas saving easy and safequick and easy to light up, for security purpose, when temp goes over the warning temp or having a blackout, the flame will shut down automatically. During regular roast, will restore the flame when burns out.

    Data Logging Function: Built-in with USB cable data capture function, easy to record or display real-time roasting data (work with most software). This allow you to improve your roasting experience.



    capacity: 4KGS

    size: 170x79x176(cm)

    weight: 245KG

    packing size: 170x79x176(cm)

    packing weight: 305KG

    type: Half Hot-Air




    one year from the date of invoice including parts and services of the machine (except if damage is due to misuse or abuse of the machine).



    subject to final confirmation upon receipt of purchase order. generally within three days of receipt of purchase order. delivery within metro manila is free-of-charge.



    free Installation* within metro manila. otherwise, expenses like installation, transportation. board and lodging during servicing and installation outside metro manila shall be covered by the client.



    - *ducting not included


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