story so far


the story so far

But then it grew into an idea. Then a realization. And then a milestone.

About 11 years ago, we almost always hung out at a coffee shop right outside university (Yup. The big green one with the mermaid). We chatted the day away while taking sips of our rhumba frappuccinos and macchiatos in between conversations. (Double-shot iced shaken macchiato was a very hip thing off the secret menu back then)

At that time, we were figuring out what to do with our lives. Just a couple of college kids daydreaming of whatever the next best thing was. We didn’t know why but oddly, we had a certain affinity to coffee. Maybe it was the taste? The effect? We couldn’t point our fingers at it but it was there like a word edging at the tip of our tongues.

And then one day it struck us. (We don’t really mean to make this sound like a superhero origin story but hey, we love Batman too) We were passing a crossroads that would change our lives forever. It was either to get in to the cycle of a day-job and embrace mediocrity or hit the ground running towards a new frontier — with a cup of coffee in hand at the starting line.

We chose the latter.

Surprisingly, our relationship with coffee became symbiotic. We were so immersed with the process and it returned the love.

We want to pay it forward. We dream of inspiring individuals to get that same “aha moment” we had back in 2008 while taking sips of delicious coffee too. That tiny voice that gets a proverbial megaphone who wants to be heard louder and louder.

So daydream and take a leap of faith. It got us here, didn’t it?