Loveramics Urban Glass Smart Carafe (0.7L)

by Loveramics

₱1,699.00 PHP

Smart Carafe is made of Boro-silicate glass which is very heat resilient and can withstand extreme temperature changes. Its profile allows you to grab and pour with one hand in any direction, bringing convenience in life. The sharp edge dripless design allows it to cut water flow precisely to avoid any dripping. The smart lid also holds back your infused fruits, herbs, or ice from flowing out and works as a protective cover for your drinks keeping them fresh.

- Clear Boro-silicate Glass, Silicon, and Stainless Steel.

- Lid to keep water fresh & clean

- Infuse cocktail, summer drinks, and healthy recipe.

- Store in fridge.

- Sharp edge dripless design.

- Pour in every direction with one hand.